Melanie Murphy

Fascism, populism, communism and the concept of totalitarianism have been of primary interest to me in my work and continue in varying degrees to be factors in world affairs today. Much of my own work has focused on the relationships between European culture and politics.

What has art said to authority in the context of fascism, communism, imperialism? How does culture, especially film and literature, oppose oppression and preserve human dignity and historical memory?

I have also done specialized work in European racism and anti-Semitism and in Middle Eastern and World History.

Historians today know that we cannot studying regions in isolation from the world. Narrative texts, be they memoirs, novels, (or dictator literature as anti-examples), are powerful primary sources for helping us understand the past and the courage and perseverance with which people have faced hard times across time and space, and these works hold wisdom and inspiration for us today.