Violetta Ravagnoli


Violetta Ravagnoli is Assistant Professor of History.
She teaches Asian History and Migration and Diaspora History.
She is the coordinator of the Colleges of the Fenway shared Minor in Migration Studies.


Her latest research project focuses on a comparative historical analysis of Italian and Chinese migrations to Boston from the late nineteenth century to today. She is mostly interested in notions of identity and belonging and their formation through glocal frameworks.


Dr. Ravagnoli will speak at IDEA BOSTON on November 2, 2019.

What is it? Check it out here:


HIST 1111 Traveling East: An Introduction to East Asian History
HIST 1101 Introduction to Migration Studies
HIST 1108 World History: from the origin to 1500
HIST 1109 World History: since 1500
HIST 2401 Modern China: Continuity and Change
HIST 2124 History Through Fiction
HIST 2126 A History of Japan Since 1600
HIST 2701 Historical Methods and Research
HIST 3412 Immigrant Kitchens: a Glocal Perspective on Identity, Ethnicity and Foodways
HIST 3404 East Asian Migration and Diaspora in Global Perspective


Please feel free to contact Dr. Ravagnoli with any questions you might have at:

ravagnoliv AT emmanuel DOT edu

or you can schedule an appointment via