William Leonard

About Me:

When asked to describe what I do for a living I usually say “I am a historian who is interested in people’s lives.” My main areas of research and teaching focus upon American social, urban, racial, ethnic, and religious history, specifically Catholicism. My focus is on Boston history, a city I love and in which I live. When appropriate I have used Boston as “my extended classroom,” something students seem to love and from which they learn a great deal. I have led walking tours of the South End, Beacon Hill, and the Black Freedom Trail. Helping students develop critical thinking and writing skills is my primary objective. Working with students and my colleagues has made teaching the most rewarding career I’ve ever had.

Research Focus:

I am currently researching the life of Charles Lenox Remond, African-American abolitionist from Massachusetts who attended the World Anti-Slavery Conference in London in 1840.